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26 November 2013
Balloon Workshop

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Programme Designer ~ Mavis Loke

Hi Hi ! Today is your best day! This has become our way of greeting each other in the office which boost up our energy in our daily working life. What is this all about? Well, you should come and discover yourself in our company.

I did mention to my self that, "I want a wonderful life". However at that moment, I'm in the midst of wondering how to have a meaningful life. Till I start my hob here at Beauty Balloon, I finally realize my life can be filled with many colours. Of course, there are deeper meanings to it beside the multi colour of balloons surrounding me.

Hmmm…. What do me in charge in this company? Firstly, I am in charge for 'stock department' due to my professional. There fore, everyone has to get my approval in order to take the goods. Well, I am actually holding a general position in this company. Besides, I love to be a teacher when I was young, so happy to let you know that now I am a teacher in our academic department. And I wish to bring a lot of fun and happiness to the educational program I am handling.

Now, I have this opportunity to reach out my dream and to deliver thousands of smiles and happiness, the cultural of balloons to the world, both at the same time.

Oppss forgot to let you know, I am also a balloon magician by bringing a lot of fun and happiness to everyone, and try to spread it on to others.

So, after all of these sayings, I no longer living my life wondering, with no doubt, I am definitely living a wonderful and happiness life now.

Creative Art Designer ~ Rennes
Today is your best day! That's how I great each other with a big warm hug each morning with my fellow colleagues. It's also my desire to have such a manner as my routine greetings with my loved ones and friends and I believe it's yet to happen.

Well, let me introduce my job scope to you all which consist a little bit of almost everything. Mainly I'm in charged of clerical works , where I consider as a steady, quiter and gentle position. However, my personality is just the opposite, as I'm an energetic, active and lively person. Therefore, when I realize there's another post which can develop and reveal the real person in me, I'm so glad to take the offer as a creative art director. Hurray, that's what I am keen at!

The post requires me to create superb designs by using various kind of balloons according to different type of seasons and festival to exceed clients expectations. By this way, I believe clients who drop by BEAUTY BALLOON, a balloon shop will feel the warmest of specific festival and joy of celebrating special occasions with others. It's part of our mission! Aren't we great!

Would you like to grasp the happiness in our shop? Then you're always most welcomed! I, Rennes will provide the best service as possible.

"Everyday is our wonderful day! Thank you!"


Creative Art Designer ~ Samuel Ho

Hi, my name is Samuel and I personally am passionate about balloons & creative arts from a very young age!

So here am I, working with Beauty Balloon a full service of balloon, party and event company.

I started as a balloon decorator for weddings, corporate events, parties, shopping centre and other events. I'm often being explored to new techniques and balloon sculpturing designs thanks to my employer Mr. Tan Kok Soong (CBA,Malaysia) who taught me and my beloved fellow colleagues. Meanwhile, I have attended balloon courses conducted by well-known instructors from the United States and Japan, truly is an eye opener to discover "balloons does amazing".

And now, I am starting another new adventure in teaching children to have incredible fun in balloon art while learning in a very exciting way and environment.


Creative Art Designer ~ Yen Tung

Thank you for viewing my profile. My name is Yen Tung. I am one of the team from Beauty Balloon. I'm a person who love party and celebration and personally I'm very amaze the artwork made from balloons . Party & celebration will bring people happy and joy. That why I work over here!! This is a place I feel warm and no stress cause surround with balloon. Beauty Balloon is one of my dream work. If you got time just have a visit at our shop. We are most welcome you.

Sales Marketing Manager ~ Lamanda Tan Li Yong

Why balloons can be easily lovable? What does it really represent? The answer is - Happiness! These multi-coloured balloons has its power to charm and to bring joyful moments to people's around the world. This is also why I, Lamanda become more and more in love working in this Beauty Balloon Company.

I'm a Sales Marketing Manager for this company. My role is to coordinate events for all types of celebration which includes of creative designing, decoration and planning. My personal vision is to give an unforgettable memory to my clients and their guest too!

Though balloons are small in size, yet they can create a big impact in its place. It combines elements of artistic and creativeness. In all types of celebrations, be it weddings or parties, just by using balloons and its colourful to decorate a place, it will actually bring forth the attractiveness by its design to our clients and their guests, hence, the atmosphere of joy will be a substance.

I would like to thank this company for giving me essential trainings opportunities. Besides sending us to overseas to learn more and increase our understanding & new knowledge.

Thanks to all of your support towards our company. I, here represent this company to promise that we will definitely to increase our strength and workmanship, doing our best to give you the best service!

 Digital Creative Designer ~ Alan Lee







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